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About Us

"We are your Gateway to the  world of Healthcare in EMEA region"

TBMedex SAS is specialized in the marketing, supply and regional distribution of medical products and solutions to improve the Healthcare sector in the EMEA region.

Our primary objective  is to assist medtech manufacturers, with significant EMEA upside potential, to secure  a foothold in Western Europe, Middle-East (Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lybia) , GCC (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain) and North Africa (Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia) 

The EMEA markets now present many new challenges for all players in the Medical field. Tighter Government healthcare budgets, supply / demand imbalance …, local sales infrastructures, COVID-19 pandemic, reimbursements cuts, etc have all significantly changed over the last few years, creating a more complex and competitive business environment. Nevertheless, investments in healthcare being a Top priority will remain prone to growth opportunities and increase in local demands for quality products to improve patients’ lives.


To sustain the new paradigm shift, we have developed a systematic and efficient business model to embrace the prevalent business climate. Our approach is designed to save costs, reduce risk, foster long term relationships and accomplish a recurrent business for all parties.


We have our finger on the pulse of the medical trends and the knowledge of local business customs and regulations and strong network of KOLs…crucial to success

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"Delivering cutting-edge medical technologies across EMEA region "


"We leverage front-line industry experience  to create maximum commercial value for our Partners"

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Medical Literacy 

We partner with a wide range of specialized medtech companies.

Our experienced team have the local market intelligence and established industry KOLs to best represent our supplier's long term interests.


Our regional Distribution model has proven to reduce risks, save costs and improve efficiency for our Partners.

Our experienced team have the local market intelligence and established industry KOL to best represent customer's long term interests

Cross Cultural Literacy

Our consultants are regional Nationals. They have a strong knowledge of both Western and Eastern Business Practices and Religious customs ..which usually define the red line between success and failure in the region

Functional Experience

We have the experience working in all the main organisational functions of our Partners and with all Key Players in Regulatory, Legal, Marketing and Distribution.


"We deliver substantial Sales Results which exceed our Partner's expectations"

TBMedex SAS is the regional distributor of renowned medical companies with strategic and focused development plans for the EMEA region. 

We have long lasting relationships with US and EU Suppliers manufacturing innovative solutions to address the unmet needs of the Healthcare industry in Europe, Middle-East, Arabian Gulf countries and North Africa.

Our regional Distribution model has proven to reduce risks, save costs and improve efficiency for our Partners. Having such mix of expertise and regional distribution capabilities coupled with our partners’ technical competence, we can assure of flawless market penetration and sales growth.

Our Added Value Proposition 

Home Distribution

Cost Savings 

Having a credible Regional Distribution Partner means you benefit from cost savings. Fewer distributors means less work interruptions and charges. Cost savings are related to:

  • Finding and Managing suitable Local Distributors

  • Liaising with local official government bodies to register your products

  • Local sales development and coaching

  • Local marketing implementation

  • Access to KOLs and local patients

  • Making transactions routine. Exchange relationships can be standardized in terms of lot size, frequency of delivery and payment, and communications 

Improved Efficency 

Your time is valuable our time is valuable!


  • An experienced regional distributor gives greater access and speed to MEA markets

  • One Contract (Principal – TBMedex SAS) facilitates communication and professionalism

  • Standard working practices can be developed to ensure time and cost efficiencies.

  • Free up time to concentrate on technical and training of local distributors

  • Externalize to the local day to day management to competent professionals who are local nationals

  • Reduce Administration and Employment costs                           

Risk Reduction

As the medical export industry becomes ever more complex and competitive, you need an experienced regional distributor you can trust and help you navigate through these ever-evolving business environments.


  • Quick Market Entry

  • Efficient Distribution Channels

  • Supply Chain

  • Patient Focus

  • Long Term Development

Home Specialities


"We provide innovative medical solutions across the wide spectrum of therapeutic environments"

We take pride in partnering with leading US and EU suppliers catering for the needs of the Hospital environment in a wide range of innovative  products and solutions. This gives us the edge when delivering our high quality service with speed and precision to Clients. Among others, we have proven expertise in:



General Surgery







Wound Care

Body Composition Analysis


Medical Furniture

Medical Consumables

Food Supplements


IV diagnostics


We also seek to consider other opportunities in vital categories.

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"We cover all major Healthcare Sectors "

Couloir d'hôpital

Health Care Sectors



Public Hospitals

Private Clinics

Pharmacy Chains

Government Hospitals 

Medical Retail Outlets



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We are constantly evaluating new representations.

Contact us and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

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Head office 

Bussy St Georges, 77600 , France 

MEA Office

Jounieh, 1200, Lebanon

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Thank you for contacting us. We will revert back to you as soon as possible.

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