The patented breakthrough for male incontinence management

TBMedex SAS is an affiliate company of Arcus Medical, LLC that manufactures and commercializes male and female incontinence systems through various retail brands such as Afex®. TBMedex is mandated to manage all promotion and sales of the Arcus Medical brands in the MEA Region.


Afex® branded products are designed and engineered to yield a comfortable, discreet, and innovative alternative to adult diapers, condom catheters, and other devices for men experiencing moderate to severe stress and mixed male incontinence.


Patients who use our Afex® system enjoy the benefits of an innovative product that effectively controls odor, leakage, wetness, and helps fight skin rash associated with adult diapers, condom catheters, and other devices for management of male urinary incontinence.



Ultimate Core Supporter for Afex 
  • Minimalistic profile traps less body heat

  • Athletic performance waistband elastic

  • Comfort soft supporting straps

  • Better close-to-body receptacle support

  • Significantly reduces accidental pop out

  • Better performance for occasional retraction 

  • Low rise to better fit multiple body shapes

  • Easier to use for care-giver assistance 


Must use High-Style Receptacle with vented holes