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International Executives recognize the importance of efficient distributors as first entry step in foreign markets.

A good trade-off between market reach and capital investment is vital. However, we often see that this trade-off becomes less effective with...

You have the desire to expand your medical Business to the MEA markets.

What you do not know is the way to get there!

Crucial questions to ask :

  • How do you translate your company goals into a successful sales strategy and then operational measures for th...

In the increasingly competitive market reality of today, selecting and managing the right distributors for your products and services, is critical.

Statistics show that more than 70% of exporting Principals are not satisfied with the performance of their d...

The rules of distribution management in emerging markets are generally uncertain due to the complexity of those markets, the cultural differences and context of the distributors.

Roles are not clearly defined, marketing and pricing are complicated to defi...


  • You would like to conduct a non-biased strategic review of your current business in the region

  • You are evaluating a future investment in the medical field in MEA region

  • You wish to enter MEA markets



Some customers who are seeking our assistance to enter/expand in the MEA region are in fact not ready for export. For costs reasons, they generally treat export sales no differently than their domestic sales. We always advise our Principals to separate in...

Pricing products in overseas markets is the most challenging element for companies. As an experienced partner to exporters to the MEA region, we work closely with our principals to ensure that the pricing is done properly. We also assist on how to choose...

  • Innovative products


  • Competitive advantage and cutting edge


  • High quality and safe


  • After sales service and warranty coverage


  • Good marketing and financial support


  • Positive brand values


  • Positive awareness


  • W...

April 23, 2016

Once you have decided to sell your products/services abroad, you will need to develop and export plan.

Without a written and a precise plan, you have a short-term strategy based on opportunistic one-off sales.  

The main issues to address in your plan are: