Strategic Review


Many International companies have long histories in the MEA region.

The region over the last decade has undergone significant political, economic and regulatory transformations.

The MEA markets now present many new challenges for all players in the Medical field. Tighter Government health care budgets, longer payment terms…, local sales infrastructures, etc have all significantly changed over the last few years, creating a more complex and competitive business environment

The traditional, historical footprint of many companies no longer brings desired results.


TBMedex SAS can conduct a non-biased STRATEGIC REVIEW of your current business in the MEA region.




Milestone 1:

Introduction to customer’s business:

  • Current Export Strategies

  • Products/ Markets / Sales Channels

  • Sensitivities, etc…


  • Define “countries” scope

  • Define clear operational guidelines for Milestone 2

  • Define clear communication channels and action validation procedures

Milestone 2:

  • Visit the “countries” and audit the existing sales channels


  • Provide an evaluation report on the sales landscape based on defined scope.

  • Define Milestone 3 based on evaluation report and customer’s defined future strategies