• Key Facts:  
    • Population: 90,6 M (2016 est.)
    • Capital: Cairo
    • GDP Total: $324.5 Billion (2015 est.)



  • Medical Device Market : 

    • The second largest in the Middle East.
    • Worth USD 980 million in 2016, much of it is imported from USA and Europe.
    • A price-sensitive market that opens the door to imports from China and India.
    • Local manufacturing is still negligible with a range of hospital disposables, consumables, scanners,…
    • Only a handful of local Distributors control the import market. Those companies benefit from Low imports taxes.The high demand is characterized by the renovation of current hospitals and the construction of new ones.





































  • Main Sectors :
    • 60% Public
    • 40% Private
  • Market Trends :
    • According to the World Bank, 40% of the Egyptian population is under 15 years old.
    • MoHP (the ministry of health and population) is planning to refurbish existing medical equipment and facilities in underserved regions in the country.
    • The new government is planning to:
      • Increase the spending on healthcare service to reach 10% in 5 years.
      • Build 34 new hospitals and clinics.
      • Lessen the barriers to market for foreign companies



  • Current Demand:
    • Preventive Medicine
    • Rehabilitation
    • Sophisticated Laboratory and scientific equipment
    • Health IT
    • High-tech radiological equipment
    • Specialized disposables and consumables
  • Market Entry:
    • Need for product/service market research
    • Need to appoint and work with a local Distributor/agent to navigate through the system and especially if bidding on public tenders.
    • Medical Companies that offer after sales and maintenance services have a greater market access and growth (competitive advantage)
    • Local manufacturers benefit from price reduction against foreign manufacturers for the same products when bidding on public tenders
    • The law allows the appointing of several commercial agents/Distributors in the country
    • In general, the MoHP prohibits the importation of used medical equipment and supplies.
    • Need to get a legal agreement to protect both Principals and Distributors’ interests.
  • Challenges/ Obstacles: 
    • A Time-consuming process if dealing directly with government
    • Bureaucratic burden
    • Delayed payments especially from government institutions
    • Need for a legal counsel and good legal contracts to avoid lengthy commercial dispute settlements
    • To identify a credible Distributor/Agent.
  • Registration & Documentation: 
    • Registration is required for all medical devices classes
    • The MoHP and The Drug policy & planning center are the bodies responsible for registering and approving the medical devices and equipment
    • 3-6 months process 
    • Declaration of Conformity
    • Certificate of Origin Free Sale Certificate certified by both the Chamber of Commerce and Egyptian Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin.
    • Copy of Pro-forma Invoice.
    • Copy of FDA approval, CE certified by the Egyptian Embassy/Consulate
    • Copy of the legalized Agency Agreement.


  • Major Hospitals: (01/01/2016)
    • Mansoura University Hospitals, Public

    • Ain Shams University Hospitals, Public

    • Hussein University Hospital, Public

    • Cairo University Hospital, Public

    • Zahraa University Hospital, Public

    • Alexandria University Hospital, Public

    • El Nozha International Hospital, Private

    • El Fouad Hospital, Private

    • Cleopatra Hospital, Private

    • El Nil Hospital, Private

    • El Salam International Hospital, Private

    • Misr International Hospital, Private

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