• Key Facts:  
    • Population: 33,8 M (2014 est.)
    • Capital: Rabat
    • GDP Total: $103.1 Billion (2015 est.)



  • Medical Device Market : 

    • The medical device and equipment are Worth USD 240 million in 2016-2018.
    • The healthcare system is influenced by far by the French system. There is a mandatory health insurance, a combination of private and public that reimburse up to 80%.
    • Main medical cities are Rabat, Marrakesh, Casablanca and Fes.
    • Medical tourism is increasing in Marrakesh. Main patients are from Europe and neighboring countries..
    • The private market is growing and there are more than 360 private clinics in the country.
    • The government is planning to build more CHUs in each of the main cities of the country.
    • Medical device imports supply approximately 95% of the market
    • A price-sensitive market that opens the door to imports from markets such as China, India and Korea
    • The new local law prohibits the purchase of used medical equipment and devices, however, private institutions may be allowed with permission to purchase refurbished equipment
    • The local manufacturing is limited to basic disposables and consumables.
    • Major suppliers are France, United States, UK and Germany.



  • Main Sectors :
    • 70% Public
    • 30% Private
  • Major Diseases :
    • Cancer
    • Circulatory System Diseases
    • Metabolic Diseases
    • Diabetes, Hypertension
    • Respiratory System Diseases
  • Challengers / Obstacles:
    • A Time-consuming & bureaucratic burden in the process.
    • Language: French is the main foreign language used in the country. This a barrier for Anglo-American and other non-French-speaking companies to conduct Business.
    • Import taxes are not static and considerably vary from equipment to another equipment of the same category.
    • Bids, custom duties and even Business dealings are not always transparent. This makes difficult for companies to fairly compete based on quality, price and their competitive advantage.
    • The market is relatively small comparing to other nations in North Africa such as Algeria, Egypt,..
    • To identify a credible Distributor/Agent.Preventive Medicine
  • Registration  & Documentation: 
    • The MOH and DMP regulate the importation and registration of Medical Devices through the Medical Devices Advisory Committee.
    • 6 months process. 
    • The CE certificate or FDA
    • The certificate of free sales
    • Declaration of conformity
    • Certification from the country of origin
    • Commercial invoice witch should fully describe the goods in French
    • ISO13485
    • The technical files with methods of quality tests
    • Original catalog


  • Major Hospitals: (01/01/2016)
    • Clinique du Coeur et des Vaisseaux, Rabat.

    • Polyclinique du Sud, Marrakech.

    • Clinique les Orangers, Rabat

    • Clinique des Specialités, Fes

    • Clinique Yasmine, Casablanca

    • Clinique Menara, Rabat

    • Clinique Badr, Casablanca.

    • Clinique Anoual, Casablanca.

    • The Sheikh Khalifa Ben Zayed Al-Nahyane, Casablanca

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