• Key Facts:  
    • Population: 182 M (2015 est.)
    • Capital: Abuja
    • GDP Total: $605.3 Billion (2016 est.)



  • Medical Device Market : 

    • The private sector, the NGOs and other multilateral agencies provide two-third of the health services.
    • The healthcare sector is still underdeveloped. Most citizens cannot afford local services. The wealthy citizens travel to UAE, Europe and North and South Africans countries for major treatments such as heart and brain surgeries, cancer…
    • The country’s health care contribution to GDP is lower than 7%. The country relies fully on importing medical device. European have among the western manufacturers the most shares of the imports but still remain low at 10%.
    • The government has launched a health development plan in recent years. Under this program, the government will spend more than $30 billion in the construction of new hospitals and clinics and upgrade of laboratories and the boost of medical education. Despite these improvements, there is still lacks of number of qualified workforce comparing the growing number of population: Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Dentists,..;
    • Like other African countries, the Nigerian government has established a Nigerian Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to provide universal health coverage to its all citizens by 2025.
    • Chinese and Indians manufacturers control the local market. Used medical equipment made in Europe is growing especially in small private clinics. Price and after sales services are the main competitive factors when selling.
  • Major Diseases :
    • Cardiovascular Diseases (12%)
    • Cancer (6%)
    • Diabetes (3%)
    • Respiratory (4%)
    • Mental Health (6%) - Neuropsychiatric Disorders
    • Neonatal (18%) - Diarrhea, Birth Asphyxia and Neonatal
    • HIV, Cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, pneumonia
  • Current Demand:
    • Diagnostic Equipment: MRI, CT, Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, Ultrasound Scans.
    • Furniture
    • Vaccines
    • Mortuary Equipment
    • Anesthesia
    • Neonatal & Pediatric
    • Critical care and emergency units
  • Market Entry: 
    • Need to seed advice from Expert Agents/Consultants/Government bodies on market entry strategies.
    • Need to collaborate with an appropriate local Distributor/agent.
    • Need to train and support the local Distributor
    • Need to perform due diligence on financial institutions and supply chain
    • It is advisable to seek legal advice for commercial contracts


  • Major Hospitals: (01/01/2016)
    • A.K.Oyekan Hospital, Lagos

    • AB Specialist Clinic,Lagos

    • Abuja Clinics, Abuja

    • Abuja Clinics Limited, Abuja

    • Adefemi Hospital Limited, Lagos

    • Adenuga Specialist Hospital, Lagos

    • Adonai Hospital, Abuja

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