Sultanate of Oman



  • Key Facts:  
    • Population: 4.2 M (2015 est.)
    • Capital: Muscat
    • GDP Total: $81,637 Billion (2015 est.)
    • Foreign Labour : 42% of the population 
  • Healthcare Sectors:
    • Public: 80 %
    • Private: 20%

Oman is considered as one of the Top world’s countries that have major investments in the public health in the last decade. The private sector is characterized by luxurious clinics and hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff. English is widely spoken where many qualified staff even patients are foreign. 75% of Doctors are foreign expatriates.

  • Healthcare Spend: 

    • Total Budget: $4 Billion (2015 est.)
  • Major Diseases / Current Market Trends:
    • Oman is very dependent on imports of medical devices
      • Cardiovascular
      • E-Health
      • Emergency and Accident Units
      • Diabetes
      • Prosthetics & Rehabilitation Services
      • Health education and training.
  • Market Entry:
    • The market completely depends on imports from medical devices and Pharmacetical 
    • 100% US Foreign ownership is allowed. However a partner is recommended.
    • Need of COO ( Authenticated certificates of origin) and shipping documents. Some label modifications may be required.
    • Need to get a legal ageement to protect both Principals and Distributors' interests
    • Other challenges:
      • ​Bureaucratic obstacles
      • Restrictions on allowing more foreign works / expatriates
      • Visa clearances
  • Registration: 

Oman is tightening the registration process for all medical devices classes and drugs. The process has discouraged many foreign suppliers. Registration takes lengthy time even if the product is registered and marketed in other GCC nations.

  • Major Hospitals: (01/01/2016)
    • Al Hayat Hospital, Al Ghubra

    • Al Raffah Hospital,Al Ghobra, Muscat

    • The Royal Hospital Oman, Muscat

    • Muscat Private Hospital

    • Khasab Hospital Musandam, Khasab

    • Oman Polyclinic, Ibri

    • Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Salalah

    • Badr Al Samaa Hospitals

    • Hatat Polyclinic

    • Quriyat Hospital


Comparing to the country size, Oman allocated a significant budget of $4 billion for healthcare services with the construction project of new hospitals and clinics. With the government’s plan to provide all its citizens with free and best service, the budget is at an increase in the next 5 years. This step is also driven by the intense competition that the country is facing from its neighbors especially Saudi Arabia and UAE



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