We leverage front-line industry experience with proven track records in Consulting and Medical Distribution to help our clients create maximum value

Medical Literacy

We represent a wide range of medtech companies ​

Our experts have medical experience in many sectors including consumables, imaging, Cryotherpay, surgical, wound care, dental, lasers, furniture and turnkey projects.


Our regional Distribution model has proven to reduce risks, save costs and improve efficiency for our Partners.

Our experienced team have the local market intelligence and established industry KOL to best represent customer's long term interests.

Cross-Cultural Literacy

Our consultants are regional Nationals. They have a strong knowledge of both Western and Eastern Business Practices and Religous customs ..which usually define the red line between success and failure in the region.

Functional Experience

We have the experience working in all the main organisational functions of our Partners and with all Key Players in Regulatory, Legal, Marketing and Distribution.