A Breakthrough In Male Incontinence Management

Male Incontinence is dramatically increasing worldwide as results of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, diabetes,....

Despite the new operating techniques for prostatectomia that have reduced the risk of development of incontinence, it has still remained in a high percentage of cases.

Major male incontinence devices hinder the patient in his active everyday life. It is especially to be ashamed of if a man gets wet, skin rash and above all suffers the psychic burden of incontinence.

Countless experiments have been conducted to solve the problem. One of them being the development of Afex®, a new approach to the care of incontinent patients.

Afex® branded products are designed and engineered in USA to yield a comfortable, discreet, and innovative alternative to adult diapers, condom catheters, and other devices. The system provides comfort and dignity for men experiencing moderate to severe stress and mixed male incontinence.

Patients who use Afex® system enjoy the benefits of an innovative product that effectively controls odor, leakage, wetness, and helps fight skin rash associated with adult diapers, condom catheters, and other devices for management of male urinary incontinence.

Seeking Distributors in MENA for this world's best male incontinence device

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We are a Specialised Medical Consultancy and Regional Distributor with successful track records in commercialising Medical Products into EMEA.

We have a broad functional and Medical Experience. 

We would welcome the opportunity to explore a potential partnership for the region.

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