Tunisia Has The Edge In Healthcare Across North African Countries

Tunisia appears to be better positioned than most of its neighbours to take on further developments in healthcare investments.

According to WHO, Tunisia has currently the best health indicators across other countries in North Africa. The government continues to invest towards the establishment of strong public hospitals, Top quality medical equipment and qualified medical staff. Also, The private sector attracts foreign investments, medical tourism and medical professionals. It is estimated that this sector will serve more than 40% of the country’s population in the next 10 years.

Unlike its neighbours, Tunisia has adopted the French healthcare system inherited from the French colonial legacy. The country has capitalized on the benefits of such system over the past years to develop the health workforce and services. Therefore, nearly 90% of the country’s citizens have access to health insurance and patients get the best treatments.

Capitalizing on those promising healthcare indicators, med tech companies, are starting to expand their products/services in the country. Most are french and use Tunisia as a door market to pierce other North African countries such as Algeria and Morocco.

For language and cultural reasons , US Medical manufacturers have been reluctant in the past to deal directly with Tunisian distributors. Their European offices had that responsibility for the regional market. However, we see more and more of those companies are looking to work directly with locals.

Key Facts:

Population: 11million

GDP per capita: $4,07

Unmet Medical needs:

  • Cardiology

  • Wound care

  • Health IT

  • Oncology

  • Neurology

Credible local agents or distributors are crucial to introducing products into Tunisia. Like in GCC, many Tunisian businesses are family-owned. Principals may have to spend time and efforts in building personal relationships, as it is the key to success.

Distribution and marketing contracts should be very specific about financial obligations and performance measurements. Considering the small market size and local laws, it is difficult for Principals to change distributors after entering into contractual agreements.

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