Include These Questions In Your Export Plan To MEA

Many Principals began exporting by responding to occasional orders from local buyers. No knowledge of the MEA region, no revenue targets, and no even staff members are dedicated to growing the export business.

If you are serious about taking your business export to MEA to the next level of performance and growth, you need to adopt a strategic yet structured approach by writing an export plan.

keep your plan simple at first, as you might not have all the info needed. As you learn more about exporting and you interact more with buyers and your company’s competitive position, your export plan will become more specific and complete.

Answer these questions:

  • Which countries in MEA are targeted for sales development? Why?

  • What are the customer profiles, and what marketing should be used to reach customers?

  • What are the profiles of your future distributors/partners, how to identify and select them?

  • What special challenges pertain to each market (competition,

cultural differences, and import and export controls), and what strategy will be used to address them?

  • Which products are selected for export development, and what modifications, if any, must be made to adapt them for MEA markets,

  • How will your product’s export sales price be determined?

  • What specific operational steps must be taken and when?

  • What will be the timeframe for implementing each element of your export plan to the region?

  • What financial and personnel resources will be dedicated to exporting?

  • What will be the cost, time and money for each element?

  • How will results be evaluated and used to modify the plan?

Answering the above questions impede your business to overlook much better opportunities in the region. Being a proactive exporter increases the chances that the best options will be chosen and the resources will be wisely used, leading to successful outcomes.

TBMedex SAS provides a regional product distribution, market research, distributor qualification, and local sales development services for Medical Companies in the MEA region.

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We are a Specialised Medical Consultancy and Regional Distributor with successful track records in commercialising Medical Products into EMEA.

We have a broad functional and Medical Experience. 

We would welcome the opportunity to explore a potential partnership for the region.

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