MEA Export Assumptions

Exporting to this region is too risky.

Almost all international markets have levels of risks. Perceived risks can be reduced by self-learning, using export assistance and a good cash flow management.

Those markets are too complicated.

All markets have their technical, regulatory, cultural specifications and business practices requirements. You can seek assistance from experts or even from your selected distributors to help you navigate across the barriers. By facing those challenges, you will become a better marketer.

We have fantastic products. Distributors will easily come to us.

It might be true for short-term opportunistic sales. Being proactive requires further actions/efforts to succeed such as : market research, an export plan, the right distribution channel, marketing and other investments. Remember, you will not be alone in the market.

I can find local distributors only through my network

This is a narrow strategic view. Finding credible distributors requires more than attending tradeshows, online connect services, network or filling occasional orders form buyers. Remember, having the wrong partner can damage your brand and reputation in the markets

Why Bother with a written export plan

You need to write a flexible export plan if you have long-term objectives. The purposes are to assemble facts, constraints and to create an action plan.

My business is good in my domestic market. No need to export

Only few markets remain static. New markets are constantly opening to competition. You need an international strategy that includes diversifying markets. Besides, exporting is of a tremendous learning experience, resulting in better products and services.

Too small to go to this vast region.

It is often not about size. Many exporters to the region have less than 15 employees. You can start in one country than expand into others. It is about capitalizing on these growing markets and having the willingness to make the right efforts/investments to succeed.

No one in the region will buy my product.

There are many ways to check the level of acceptance of your product in the region. Nevertheless, you may have to make some modifications because of cultural or regulatory differences.

It will not work because I have never been in the region.

I won't be successful because I have never been in the region

Cultural knowledge and business etiquette are always helpful. Venues are there to help you to present your products to local buyers and increase your network. A level of introspection and culturally specific knowledge help prevent potentially deal-breaking mistakes. A willingness to travel and learn is required.

I do not know where I can get help.

There is plenty of info available for you. The best is to get advice from market experts, consultants, agents, government bodies,..

TBMedex SAS provides product distribution, market research, Distributor qualification and local sales development services for medical companies in the MEA region.

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We are a Specialised Medical Consultancy and Regional Distributor with successful track records in commercialising Medical Products into EMEA.

We have a broad functional and Medical Experience. 

We would welcome the opportunity to explore a potential partnership for the region.

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