The "Silk Soft Feel" of waterless washing


TBMedex SAS is mandated to manage all promotion and sales of the Cocune brands in the GCC Region.


Cocune, “The Silk Soft Feel”, has developed products that make washing easier. All products that are necessary for traditional washing are now captured in one product.


Cocune waterless wash gloves are made by Stöpler Instrumenten en Apparaten B.V. -  Netherlands and to the highest quality standard. They are soft, thick, disposable, and impregnated with a skin-friendly, hypoallergenic lotion.


The lotion is lightly fragranced or fragrance free, for the comfort of caregiver and customer alike.


The gloves are packed in resalable packs of eight or five pieces. For extra comfort, they can be heated in a microwave.


The product range consists of wash gloves, shampoo caps, moisturizing wipes, incontinence wipes, hand wipes, wash lotion, barrier cream, hand cream, wash and care foam.