Telemis develops and commercializes medical imaging software, as well as related products and services. The Telemis team of R&D engineers is specialized in image processing and telecom. The company focuses on medical image management exclusively and operates as an independent PACS vendor.

Telemis MACS concept. MACS stands for Multimedia Archive and Communication System. is a platform that manages and distributes DICOM and non-DICOM images within the hospital. It can be considered as complementary to an existing PACS that handles DICOM only, or the full solution for all medical imaging (nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, cardiology, operating theatre, endoscopic imaging, dermatology, etc.).


Telemis is also active in the field of telemedicine, where it creates cooperative networks between healthcare institutions to serve diverse objectives, such as sharing investments in medical imaging modalities, sharing expertise, creating quality control networks, etc.

Telemis services include project management, installation and set up, software integration, training, support and upgrades, as well as consultancy.