United Arab Emirates



  • Key Facts:  
    • Population: 5.8 M (2015 est.)
    • Capital: Abu Dhabi
    • Largest City : Dubai
    • GDP Total: $339 Billion (2015 est.)
    • Tax Free Country 
    • Foreign Labour : 80% of the population 



  • Healthcare Sectors:
    • The demand growth in the healthcare sector continue to increase over the last decade. This represents opportunities for investors to establish more hospitals and private clinics for complicated and chronic diseases.
    • The country becomes an entry and a regional trade facilitator to expand in other GCC nations. It is the largest market for US principals in the GCC and the middle-east regions. We see big projects held by blue chip companies in the medical industry with the objective of conducting business in the whole region.
    • UAE is one of top destinations for medical tourism
    • The country is a regional commercial center for medical business. It was even a logistic center whereby companies exported their goods to Iran during the embargo period.
    • There are  Free zones to facilitate the establishment of foreign companies and medical research centers. As a general rule, 100% foreign ownership can be allowed if companies establish a foot hold in the free zones.
    • Medical companies wishing to export their products to UAE must have either a local representative office or a local Distributor. The local Distributor/partner/agent is expected to have an import license.
    • Only few big Distributors dominate the distribution of medical devices and equipments in the country.




  • Medical Device Market : 

    • Total Budget: $1.5 Billion (2015 est.) combined UAE and Saudi Arabia with annual growth of 7%
      • ​Cardiovascular devices -implantable stents, pacemakers, implantable defibrillators.
      • Dialysis machines
      • Rehabilitation equipment
      • Diagnosotic imaging 
      • Surgical implants and instruments
      • Orthopaedics and Prosthetics
      • Hospital Furniture 
      • Dental



  • Major Diseases :
    • Genetic diseases
    • Cancer
    • Asthma
    • Musculoskeletal injuries, visceral injuries and closed-head injuries
    • Coronary Artery & Obesity
    • Diabetes and Hypertension
    • Ischemic heart disease and stroke



  • Registration: 
    • The UAE market is totally dependent on imports for medical devices
    • 97% of medical equipment are supplied by the United States, UK and Germany. The total expenditure was approx US$820 million in 2014.
    • All medical devices should be registered and approved by the UAE ministry of health drug registration and MOH control department.
    • Medical companies cannot export the products before the registration is duly completed.
    • The registration can be made either by the manufacturer or by his appointed local distributor through a formal contract between the two parties
    • The Manufacturer/Principal should provide the local distributor/partner with all necessary documents to register the products.
    • Registration may take 4-6 months. However, the registration of products with CE, FDA, TGA or TPP approvals can be shortened if all other documents are provided on time.
    • Supporting documentation (English or Arabic)
      • ​ISO 9001 & 13485 Certificates
      • GMP Certificate by the country of origin
      • CE, FDA Certificates
      • Declaration of Conformity 
      • Device description, intention and direction of use, contraindications
      • Arabic translation for use for homecare products
      • List of countries where product is marketed
      • Marketing materials used, clinical studies, reports, complaints handling
      • Safety document, any problems reported
      • The distribution agreement between parties 




  • Major Hospitals: (01/01/2016)
    • Mafraq Hospital - SEHA, Abu Dhabi

    • Tawam Hospital - SEHA, Al Ain

    • Tawam Hospital - SEHA, Abu Dhabi

    • NMC Speciality Hospital - Private, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

    • Al Noor Hospital - Private, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

    • Al Qassimi Hospital - MOH, Al Sharja

    • Al Zahra Hospital - Private, Al Sharja & Dubai 

    • Sheikh Khalifa Hospital Ajman, Ajman

    • Dubai Hospital - DHA, Dubai

    • Rashid Hospital - DHA, Dubai

    • Latifa Hospital- DHA, Dubai

    • Hatta Hospital - DHA, Dubai 

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