Suppliers of Unlicensed Pharmaceuticals, Generics and Vaccines to the GCC



TBMedex‘s Pharma Division and Unimedic Pharma are specialized in supplying unlicensed pharmaceuticals, Generics and Vaccines. We stock more than 1200+ different pharmaceuticals in our own distribution warehouse in Stockholm and can deliver to the GCC wholesalers within 24/48 hours when necessary.


Additionally, we can also deliver over 2000 unlicensed unstocked products within 4-5 business days.


With an extensive worldwide purchasing network, we have the capability to find and deliver even very rare products, at very competitive prices to respond to:


·         Tenders in GCC

·         Direct purchasing requests from Hospitals, public and private healthcare and government institutions.


We also have the unique competence to cover sudden International shortages of a specific product and emergencies by an efficient logistic distribution chain from the supplier to where the shortage has occurred.